• This reversable M62 camo shirt/jacket started life in the Finnish Army. 
  • One side is in a camo pattern the other in arctic 'white'.
  • Features one top pocket on left side with button closure, one pocket lower right with button closure, one internal pocket and cuffs with button closure 
  • It's been repaired, re-enforced and customised.
  • Includes our signature orange recognition strips, made from recycled flight suits.


If you're interested........the M62 camo was designed in Finland and is a three colour 'woodland' style Camo using shapes in light green, dark green and a reddish brown.  The reverse side of the camo is in Arctic white. This camo was worn by the Finnish Military from the early 1960s up to the 1990s andnwas nicknamed kurkkusalaatti (cucumber relish).


M62 Shirt/Jacket

    • Small = 36-38 chest
    • Medium = 38-40 chest
    • Large = 40-42 chest

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