• These lightweight pants are British Army deadstock
  • They've been re-enforced and customised.
  • Includes new 'phone' pocket plus signature orange recognition strip
  • Transformed with recycled RAF flight suits
  • This item is 'Olive Green' enhanced with British DPM camo. 


Khaki has been used by many armies around the world. It's first recorded use was in1848 when it was introduced as a military uniform by the Corps of Guides, a regiment of the British Army serving in India. Khaki being a Hindustani translation of the English light-brown or soil colour. By the 1870s, khaki had replaced the traditional 'Red Coat' for British soldiers serving in India as it provided much more obvious camouflage. Eventually khaki was adopted by the whole British Army and over time became a darker and more brown colour. 



Olive Green Fatigue Pants

    • Small = 30-32 waist
    • Medium = 32-34 waist
    • Large = 34-36 waist 

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